Questions about Liability Insurance

Generally insurers will offer 5, 10 or 20 million dollar cover options. How much you need will depend on your occupation, risk exposure and contract requirements.
An excess is your contribution when it comes time to claim. When purchasing a policy it's important you check and understand your excess obligations in the event of a claim. Generally speaking, $500 will be a common excess on public liabiliy policies.
Most public liability policies will have an element of cover for care, custody and control. If you look after customers goods it's important you check that the amount is sufficient for your business requirements. It is also often referred to as 'Goods in Physical and Legal Control'
It's important that you don't buy insurance purely on price alone. This is because public liability policies do vary between insurers. Check exclusions, excesses, the level of cover, or any alterations or endorsements on the cover.
As insurance brokers we have access to a largel panel of insurers. Some insurers don't cover certain occupations and through our own experience we establish which insurers are favourable under certain circumstances. Whilst we make the effort to compare as many insurers as possible, not all are guaranteed to be compared for each and every quote request.
Default payment method is annual payments, however, we can organise monthly funding through a premium funder, which can assist with your business’s cash flow. Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly payments are also available. Please note irrespective of payment frequency policies are for 12 months unless otherwise noted.
Please note there are interest charges when funding your premium so it's important to discuss this with us before making your decision.

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