Extra Covers

Whilst Liability is typically the most sought after cover, it is not the only cover that can protect your business.

As insurance brokers we can arrange a broad range of cover options for you and your business.

Check out a few of the other cover options below that may be available to you. You can request other cover options when talking to a member of our team.

Cyber Liability

Covers your business for costs associated with data breaches which may occure if you are hacked or have loss or theft of data.

Personal Accident

Covers you for lost earnings in the event of injury or illness. You can also recieve a lump sum payment in the event of death or permanent disablement.


Covers your contents or stock which you are legally responsible for against fire and other insured events.


Covers you for the cost of repairing or reconstructing buildings your business owns as a result of fire and other insured events.


Covers the cost to replace internal or external glass that is broken or damaged such as your shop front windows.

Business Interruption

Covers you for loss of income and some of the increased costs of working and running your business as a result of interruption caused by insured events under your policy.

Electronic Equipment

Covers your insured computers and other insured electronic equipment against loss, damage or breakdown caused by an insured event on your policy.


Covers money belonging to your business that is lost, stolen or damaged whilst on your premise, in transit to and from your policy or in your personal custody.

Employment Practices

Covers you for claims made against you by employees alleging a wrongful act, including claims like unfair dismissal, defamation, harassment and discrimination.


Covers you for loss or damage to contents or stock through theft or attempted theft at your business premises

General Property and Portable Equipment

Covers you for loss or damage to portable and valuable property like your tools of trade, mobiles, and laptops Australia wide.

Tax Audit

Covers you for professional fees to help you manage a tax audit.

Employee Dishonesty

Covers you for losses you incur due to fraudelent and dishonest employees.

Machinery Breakdown

Covers the breakdown of insured electric, electronic or mechanical machinery related equipment, such as boilers, pressure plant, refrigerators and air conditioners.


Covers your goods for which you are responsible for whilst they are in transit in a vehicled owned or operated by you.

Statutory Liability

Covers you against costs and expenses incurred by any official investigations or inquiries against your business as well as fines and penalties as well as pollution liability.

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