Just some of the occupations we can quote for

Abattoir Mobile
Abattoir Worker Or Slaughterer
Abseiling Contractors Window Cleaning Only
Accommodation Holiday Cottages
Accountant Bookkeeper
Accounts Clerk Or Bookkeeper
Actor Or Actress
Acupuncturist Qualified Aust Registered
Advertising Agency
Advertising Display Screens
Advertising Executive Degree Qualified
Advertising Mannequins Hirer Hire Agreement Required
Aerial Erection Inc Satellite Install
Aerial Erection Incl Satellite Install No Height Restriction
Aerobics Instructor
Aged Care Entertainer
Aged Care Residential Services
Agricultural Contractor
Agricultural Contractors Inc Pest And Weed Control Fencing
Air Conditioning And Heating Contractors Installation No Cooling Tower Work
Air Conditioning Commissioner No Installation Service
Air Conditioning Installer
Airconditioning Engineers
Airconditioning Sales Service And Installation Including Humidifiers
Alarm Installation Fire Security Etc
Alarm Installer
Alarm Installers And Cctv
Aluminium Window And Door Manufacturing
Ambulance Officer Or Driver
Amusement Parlour Or Centre
Amway Salesperson Full Time
Amway Salesperson Part Time
Animal Breeder
Animal Groomer
Animal Shooter
Animal Trainer
Announcer Radio Or Television
Antenna Erector
Antenna Installer Domestic Only
Antique Dealer Delivery
Antique Dealer Restoration
Antique Dealer Sales And Office
Antiques And Art Valuer
Apiarist Or Beekeeper
Appliance Manufacturing Household
Appliance Repairer Commercial Appliances
Appliance Repairs Domestic
Aquarium Shop Worker
Archaeologist Field Work
Archaeologist Office Only
Archaeologist Servicesstudy Aust Only
Architect Qualified
Architectural Steel Installer
Armed Services All Ranks
Armed Services Navy Divers
Armed Services Navy Submariners
Armoured Van Driver
Art Class Incl Accommodation
Art Dealer
Art Workshops And Market
Artist Commercial Only
Artist Painter Or Sculptor
Artist Supplies Shop Worker
Arts And Crafts Classes For Children Scissors Paper Glue Glitter Sequins Etc No Wood
Arts And Crafts Workshop
Asbestos Worker
Asphalt Layers
Assessor Insurance
Associations Operations For Promotion Of Community Or Sectional Interests
Atm Machine Operation Installation And Servicing
Audio A Visual Installation
Audiologist Audiometrist
Audiology Audiometry
Auditor Tertiary Qualified
Auto Electrician
Auto Electrician Mobile
Auto Mechanic Excluding Driving Risk
Auto Mechanic Including Driving Risk
Automotive Signwriting Vinyl Graphics Application And Vehicle Wraps
Aviation Agriculture Or Cattle Mustering
Aviation Industry Air Traffic Controller
Aviation Industry Aircraft Maintenance
Aviation Industry Ground Staff
Aviation Industry Ground Staff Baggage
Aviation Industry Ground Staff Cleaner
Aviation Instructor
Aviation Military Pilots And Crew
Aviation Or Balloonists Professionals
Aviation Or Charter Professional Pilot
Aviation Parachutists Instructors
Aviation Parachutists Military
Aviation Regular Public Transport
Aviation Test Pilots
Avon Sales Person
Awnings Installation Repair
Baby Seat Installer Mobile
Baby Teether
Baby Toys
Backhoe Bobcat Bulldozer
Backhoe Bobcat Bulldozer Others
Badge Making
Bakery Supervisor
Bakery Bakeries Noncommercial
Balustrade Manufacturing And Installation
Bank Building Society Credit Union
Bath Resurfacer
Bathroom Installer
Bathroom Or Toilet Fittings Metal Manufacturing
Bathroom Renovator
Battery Fitting
Beach Equipment Hire Hire Agreement Required
Beach Inspector
Beautician Excluding Treatment Risk
Beautician Including Treatment Risk
Beautician Salon Only
Beautician Working From Home Or Mobile
Bedding Store Worker
Bedroom Furniture Installer
Beekeeper Or Apiarist
Bicycle Billboard Advertising
Bicycle Hire Hire Agreement Required
Bicycle Repairer Mobile
Bicycle Store Worker
Biologist Marine Field Work No Diving
Biologist No Field Work
Blacksmith Or Farrier
Blaster Or Explosives Handler
Blind And Security Screen Installer
Blind Awning Screen
Blind Awning Screen Supervising Quoting
Boarding House
Boarding House Owner
Boat Builder
Boat Builder Repairer Up To 50 Ft
Boat Painter
Boating Equipment Supply Or Chandler
Bobcat Backhoe Or Bulldozer
Bobcat Backhoe Or Bulldozer Other
Boiler Services Domestic
Boiler Services Non Domestic
Boilermakers Welders Fabrication Excluding Structural Erection
Book Shop Worker
Bookmaker Licensed
Bottle Dealer
Brassware Shop Worker
Bread Delivery Contractor
Bread Or Cake Shop Worker
Brewery Labourer
Brewery Supervisor
Brewing Industry Chemist
Brick Cleaner Domestic
Bricklayers Labourer
Brickworks Employee Unskilled
Builder Carpenter Combined
Builder Commercial Or Residential New Build Alteration Repair
Builder Qualified
Builders Labourer
Builders Height Restriction
Builders Merchant
Builders No Height Restriction
Building Consultancy
Air Conditioning
Antenna Erector
Backhoe Bobcat
Bricklayers Labourer
Builders Labourer
Cabinet Maker
Ceiling Fixer
Cement Renderer
Children Toys
China Imports Importer
Concrete Cutter
Concrete Worker
Construction Supervisor
Crane Operator
Demolition Worker
Draftsperson Qualified
Drywall Installer
Earthmovers Others
Elevator Mechanic
Foreman Supervisor
House Stumper
Joiner Qualified
Lift Erector Or Mechanic
Plumber Other
Plumber Roof
Roof Workertiler
Steel Erector Or Fixer
Tilerfloors And Walls
Building Inspections And Dilapidation Reports
Building Maintenance
Building Maintenance Including Painting
Bulldozer Others
Bulldozer Owner Operator Est >3 Yrs
Buoys And Floating Barriers Hire Require Hire Agreement
Bus Or Conductor Interstate
Bus Or Conductor Local
Business Administration Services
Business Broker
Business Coach
Business Executive Degree Qualified
Business Training
Butcher Qualified No Slaughtering
Butcher Shop
Buyers Agent
Cabinet Maker Installation
Cabinet Maker Qualified
Cabinet Makers Including Installation
Cafe Owner Or Worker
Cake Decorator
Camel Rides
Camera Club Members
Camera Repairer
Cameraman Aviation
Cameraman Other
Cameraman Studio
Camp Shower Manufacturer
Camper Trailer Assembler Only
Camping Equipment Hire Hire Agreement Required
Candle Manufacturer Retail
Cane Shop Worker
Canvas Goods Manufacturer
Canvas Goods Manufacturing Excluding Sails
Car Audio And Security System Installer Mobile
Car Detailer
Car Window Etching
Caravan Park Owner
Caravan Retailer Excluding Exports
Card Shop Worker
Cardiologist Mobile
Career Advisory Service
Carnival Owner Or Employee
Carpenter Wood Working Services
Carpenter Not Qualified Less Than 5 Years
Carpenter Qualified
Carpenters And Joiners
Carpet And Floor Covering Fitters
Carpet And Upholstery Cleaners
Carpet Floor Coverings Store Sales Only
Carpet Layer
Carpet Suburban Home Window
Cashier Financial Institution
Cashier Supermarket
Casino Poker Night Hire No Real Chips
Casino Government Licensed
Casino Government Licensed Bar Staff
Casino Government Licensed Croupier
Casino Government Licensed Waiter
Caterer Canteen Operator
Catering Cafe Mobile
Cavity Wall Installation
Cavity Wall Insulation
Ceiling Contractor
Ceiling Fixer
Ceiling Installers
Cement Rendering
Charity Worker
Chemist Industrial Non Hazardous
Chemist Other
Chemist Pharmacy
Chemist Shop Pharmacist Shop Assistant
Child Or Day Care Centre Not Working At
Child Or Day Care Centre Other
Childcare Nanny
Childcare Nanny Mobile
Childcare Coordinator
Childrens Entertainment Face Painting Games Parties
Childrens Party Entertainer
Childrens Gardening Party Entertainer
Childrens Party Entertainer
Childrens Party Entertainer Incl Animals
Childrens Play Equipment Installer
Chimney Sweep
China And Glassware Shop
Chiropractor Government Registered
Chiropractor Other
Cinema Mechanic
Circus Worker Or Performer
City Or Industrial
Civil Estimator
Cleaner Shopping Centre Offices Only
Cleaner Brick Street Window
Cleaner Cleaner Office Factory Or School
Cleaner Commercial Excluding Shopping Centres
Cleaner Domestic
Cleaner Domestic And Commercial Excluding Shopping Centre
Cleaners Interior Industrial
Cleaning Carpets Curtains Upholstery Etc
Cleaning Gardening Equipment Hire Hire Agreement Required
Clock Manufacturer
Clock Repairer
Clothes Line Installer
Clothing Industry Fashion Designer Not Working At Home Management No Manual Work Salesperson No Deliveries
Clothing Industry Patternmaker Tailor Or Dressmaker Shop Department Store
Clothing Industry Process Worker Or Machinist Tailor Or Dressmaker Working At Home
Clothing Manufacturer
Clothing Wholesaler
Club Employees Bar Staff Security Staff
Club Employees Clerical And Senior Management
Club Employees Waiter
Coffee Lounge
Coffee Machine Hire Hire Agreement Required
Coffee Roaster
Comedian Promoter
Commercial Artist
Commercial Traveller
Commercial Worm Farms
Commodity Broker
Communications Consultant
Community Cultural Clubs
Compliance Consultant
Computer Industry Keyboard Operator Sales Systems Operatoradministrator Technician
Computer Industry Analyst Consultant Programmer Degree Qualified
Computer Networking Cabling
Computer Repairs
Computer Shop
Computer System Design
Computer Training Workshop
Concrete And Or Formwork Contractor
Concrete Floor Sealing And Sanding
Concrete Repair Drilling
Concrete Tester
Concrete Worker
Confectionary Packing
Confectionary Wholesaler Excluding Exports
Confectionery Shop
Conference Organiser
Construction Industry Labour Hire
Construction Industry Project Manager Foreman Supervisor
Construction Plant Repairers
Consul Office
Consultant Excluding Medical Etc
Contract Administration Aka Project Management Professional Services Only
Contract Consultant Including Project Manager And Site Supervisor
Contract Manager Caravan Park Camping And Recreation Reserve
Conveyancer Degree Qualified
Cordial Manufacturer Wholesale
Correctional Officer
Cosmetic Product Manufacturer
Costume Hire Hire Agreement Required
Cots Prams And Baby Seat Hire Hire Agreement Required
Cotton Textile Manufacturing
Courier Other
Courier Driverowner Establish 2 Years
Courier Motorcycle Or Bicycle
Crafts Workshop
Crane Operator
Crayon Manufacturer Retail
Creative Director
Crewman Labour Hire
Cricket Sets Manufacturing
Curator Museum Art Gallery Library
Currency Exchange Office Risk Only
Curtain Blind Fitter
Curtain And Blind Fitters
Curtain And Blind Manufacturer Retail
Curtain Waller
Cushion Manufacturer
Customs Agent Clerical
Customs Agent Other Than Clerical
Customs Officer
Customs Officer Field Work
Dairy Produce Wholesaling
Damp Proofing Installer
Dance Instructor
Dance Teacher Dance School
Dancing Instructors
Data Cable Installers
Debt Collector Not Repossessions
Debt Collector Repossessions
Decorative Lead Work
Demolition Worker No Explosives
Dental Hygienist Or Therapist
Dental Nurse
Dental Or Orthodontic Technician
Dental Technician
Department Store Cleaner
Department Store Clerical Sales Senior Management
Department Store Deliveries Storeman
Diamond Cutter Polisher Setter
Die Maker
Dietician Qualified And Registered
Disc Jockey
Disposal Store Sales
Distribution And Supplier Of Packaging Productspallets And Misc
Diving Construction Bridge Dams Dock Pier
Diving Instructor Professional
Diving Professional Abalone
Diving Professional Deep Sea Exploration
Diving Professional Military No Bomb Disposal Or Police
Dock Worker Or Stevedore
Dog Club
Dog Control Officer
Dog Groomer
Dog Grooming
Dog Trainer
Dog Walker Pet Minding
Dog Walking
Domestic Appliance Fitter
Domestic Appliance Repairer
Domestic Services Cooking Cleaning Ironing Etc
Domestic Shed And Garage Erection
Domestic Swimming Pool Installation Depth Limit
Double Glazing Installers
Double Glazing Installers No Height Restriction
Dove Pigeon Releasing
Draftperson Qualified
Drain Cleaners
Draught Proofing Installer
Drillers Water And Mineral Sample Not Offshore
Drilling Contractors
Drive Patio Path Cleaner
Armoured Car
Bus Local
Bus Long Distance Or Interstate
Courier Car Van Other
Courier Car Van Owner Established 2 Years
Courier Motorcycle Or Bicycle
Crane Driver
Dairy Deliveryman Or Milkman
Driving Instructors
Garbage Collections
Hire Car Owner Or Driver
Petrol Or Petroleum Products
Taxi Other
Taxi Owner Establish 2 Years
Tow Truck
Truck And Van Local Establish 2 Years
Truck And Van Local Other
Truck And Van Long Distance Or Interstate
Drives Patios Paths Installer
Drone Flying
Drone Retailing No Imports
Dry Cleaner
Dry Cleaning
Dry Stone Wall Repairs
Drystone Wallers
Ductwork Installers
Duty Free Shop Worker
Earthmovers Others
Earthmoving Contractors
Editor Films Newspapers Etc
Educational Consultant
Educational Reptile Displays
Electrical Appliance Servicing
Electrical Contractors
Electrical Contractors Including Retails Sales
Electrical Contractorsqld
Electrical Goods Retailer Delivery
Electrical Goods Retailer Light Manual
Electrical Goods Retailer Sales
Electrical Testing And Tagging Services
Electrician Electrical Contractor Domestic And Commercial
Electronic Supply Store Sales
Electronics Repairer
Elevator Mechanic
Employment Placement Agency Recruitment Service Not Labour Hire Providers
Energy Consultant
Engineer Qualified Consulting Office Duties Minimal Site Work No Manual Work
Engineer Qualified Offshore Or Underground Inspections
Engineering Consultant
Enrolled Nurse
Ent Surgeon
Equipment And Plant Hire
Errand Services
Estate Agent
Event Management
Event Organisers
Exhibition Stand Erector
Explosives Worker
Factory Hand Or Worker
Farm Employee Or Labourer
Farm Manager
Farm Owner Established 2 Years Beef Cattle Dairy Grape Grower Mixed Farming Oyster Poultry Sheep Sugar Cane Wheat
Farm Owner Established 2 Years Fruit Grower Orchardist Market Gardener
Farm Owner Established 2 Years Harvesting Contractor
Farrier Or Blacksmith
Fashion Accessory Wholesalers
Fashion Designer Manufacturer Retailer
Fast Food Or Take Away
Fence Contractor Erector Wood Metal
Fence Post Manufacturing Timber
Fencing Contractor
Fibre Glass Moulder
Film And Tv Industry Actor Or Actress
Film And Tv Industry Cameraman Aviation
Film And Tv Industry Cameraman Mainly Studio
Film And Tv Industry Cameraman Other
Film And Tv Industry Producer Director Editor
Film And Tv Set Construction
Film Crew Logistical Support
Film Production
Financial Consultant Or Adviser
Financial Planner
Financial Planner Adviser Agent Tertiary Qualified Minimum Earnings 100000 Net Per Annum
Fire Alarm And Extinguisher Service
Fire Awareness Consultant
Fire Protection Installation And Maintenance Excluding Fire Sprinkler Systems
Fire Surround Installation
Fire Wood Chopper
Firemen Airport City Forestry
Firemen Fire Chiefs And Senior Officers
Firemen Oil And Natural Gas
First Aid Kits Sales And Refurbishment
First Aid Trainer
First Aid Worker
Fish And Chip Shop Worker
Fish Tank Installer
Fishing Instructor Land Based Only
Fitness Centre Gymnasium
Fitness Equipment Service And Installation
Fitted Furniture Installation Repair
Fitted Furniture Installers
Fitter Mechanical Repairs Including Sales Of Parts Excluding Driving Risk
Fitter Mechanical Repairs Including Sales Of Parts Including Driving Risk To 100000
Fitter And Turner
Flooring Installer
Floor Covering Fixer
Floor Sander
Flooring Contractor Domestic Only
Flooring Contractors
Florist Delivery
Florist Shopkeeper
Food Consultant
Food Flavouring Manufacturing
Forestry Consulting
Forestry Contractors
Fork Lift Truck Servicing
Freelance Editor
Freight Brokerage And Forwarding Service No Depot
French Polisher
French Polishers And Upholsterers
Fruit Grower Or Orchardist
Fruit Picker
Fruit Wholesaler
Function Centre Mainly For Weddings Birthday Events Etc Inhouse Kitchen Food Provided With Bar Facilities
Function Entertainer
Funeral Director
Funeral Parlour
Furnishings Retailer Cushions Fabrics Not Furniture
Furniture Hirer Excluding Electrical Goods
Furniture Removalist
Furniture Removalist And Storage Domestic Only
Furniture Repairer
Furniture Retailer New Deliveries
Furniture Retailer New Light Manual
Furniture Retailer New Sales Only
Furniture Retailer Used
Garage Door Fitting
Garbage Contractor
Garden Maintenance Landscaper Services
Garden Shop Worker
Garden Supplies Nursery Retailing
Gardener Domestic Or Landscape Other
Gardeners Ex Work On Railways
Gas Industry Fitter
Gas Industry Inspector Meter Reader Or Tester
Gas Industry Laying
General Machinery Maintenance
General Surgeon
Geological Consultant
Geologist Consultant And Office Only
Geologist Mainly Field Work Including Underground Or Offshore
Gift Shop Worker
Glass Glass Product Glassware Manufacturing
Glass Glass Product Mirror And Glassware Manufacturing
Glazier Including Double Glazing
Goldsmith Silversmith
Golf Buggy Hire Hire Agreement Required
Golf Instructor
Golf Instructor Not Professional Player
Golf Simulator
Graffiti Removal Cleaning
Graffitti Removal
Grape Grower
Graphic Design Service
Graphic Designer
Greeting Cards Designer Wholesaler Including Online
Grit Blasters
Grocery Deliveries And Trolley Collector
Ground Scanning Utilities Locator
Grounds Maintenance Contractor
Guitar Manufacturer
Gutter Cleaning 15m Height Limit
Guttering Installation Repair
Guttering And Facia Board Fitter
Gym Equipment Service And Repair
Gymnasium Instructor
Gynaecologist Obstetrician
Hacksaw Blades Import Distributor
Hairdresser Excluding Treatment Risk
Hairdresser Including Treatment Risk
Hand And Foot Plaster Moulding And Family Photographer
Handler Or Porter
Handy Man
Handyman Work Only Excluding Work Where A Licence Is Required Eg Plumbing Electrical Etc
Hardware Goods Wholesaling
Hardware Retailer
Health And Safety Ohands Consultant
Health Food Store Worker
Heating Contractor
Heavy Vehicle Detailer
Highrise Painting Contractors
Highrise Window Cleaners
Hire Plant
Hire Skip Bin
Hire Of Dehumidifiers Hire Agreement Required
Hiring Of Caravans Longterm Sited Units Only
Home Maintenance Contractor
Home Party Planner
Home Qualified
Horse And Carriage Service Weddings Only
Horse Breeder
Horse Massage Therapy
Horse Riding Instructor
Horse Riding Jockey Flat Or Harness
Horse Riding Jockey Steeple Or Rodeo Professional
Horse Strapper
Horse Trainer
Horticultural And Farm Hand
Horticultural Consultant
Hospital Staff Doctor Or Laboratory Technician
Hospital Staff Nurse Or Nursing Sister
Hospital Staff Nurses Aide
Hospital Staff Porter Or Wardsman
Hospitality Kitchen Hand
Hotel Or Motel Industry Bar Staff
Hotel Or Motel Industry Head Waiters
Hotel Or Motel Industry Housekeepers Or Chambermaids
Hotel Or Motel Industry Managers Admin Only
Hotel Or Motel Industry Managers Other
Hotel Or Motel Industry Security Staff
Hotel Or Motel Industry Waiters Or Waitresses
House Restumper
Hr Consulting
Hydraulic Hosefittings Supply And Service Mobile
Hypnotherapist Well Established
Ice Cream Parlour
Import Wholesale Of Bathroom Products
Import And Resale Of Bathroom Toiletries
Import And Sales Of Gates
Importer And Distributor Of Cosmetics
Importer And Retail Sales Of Bronze Sculptures And Hand Pressed Dishes
Importer Of Ice Baths
Importer Or Exporter Clerical
Indoor Play Café
Industrial Designer
Industrial Plant Repairer
Industrial Relations Consultant
Inspector Health Buildings Etc
Installation Communication Home Theatre Tv Etc
Installation Of Underground Pipes And Cables
Installer Of Coin Operated Telescopes
Instructor Tai Chi Reiki Yoga
Instrument Maker
Insulation Contractor
Insulation Installer
Insurance Broker
Insurance Consultant
Interior Decorator Consulting Only
Interior Decorator Other
Interior Designer
Internet Retail Sales
Internet Service Provider Internet Exchange
It Professional
Jeweller Manufacture
Jeweller Retail
Jewellery Importer
Jewellery Manufacturer
Jockey Flat Or Harness
Jockey Steeple
Joiner Other
Joiner Qualified
Journalist No Unusual Hazards
Judge Magistrate
Kennel Proprietor
Kennels And Catteries Operator
Kerb And Paving Layers
Kids Entertainer
Kitchen Installer
Kitchen Installer Incl Gas Work
Kitchen Installers Ex Gas Work And On Pdh Only
Kite Flying Specialist
Lab Technician Non Hazardous
Labourer Farm Labourers
Labourer Others In Regular Employment
Land Surveyor
Landscape Architect
Landscape Architect Degree Qualified No Manual Work
Landscape Contractors
Landscape Gardener Other
Laser Alignment Technician
Lawn Mower Sales And Repair
Lawn Mowing Contractors Ex Work On Railways
Lawnmower Sales Or Sales And Service
Lawnmowing Contractor
Lawyer Solicitor
Leather Goods Except Apparel Repairing
Lecturer Professor Tutor Full Time In University
Life Coach
Lift Erector Or Mechanic
Lift Maintenance Service
Light And Sound Engineer
Light Engineering Non Structural
Light Fittings Store Worker
Lighting Installation
Lighting Wholesaler Includes Importer
Line Marking Excluding Public Roads
Linesman Telephone Or Electrical
Liquor Store Worker
Liquor Wholesaler
Livestock Broker Buyer Dealer
Locker Manufacturing Steel
Locomotive Hobby Club
Loft Coversion Contractors
Loft Insulation
Logging And Or Sawmilling
Logging In Mill Permanent Mill Only
Logging Mobile Mill
Logging Tree Feller
Logging Tree Surgeon
Logistics Advisorcoordinator Basic Planning For Trips Accommodation Reports Flights
Loss Adjuster
Loss Assessor
Lumber Yard Work
Machinery Or Equipment Hire
Machinist Metal Or Wood Qualified
Machinist Supervisor No Manual Work
Mail Contractor
Makeup Artist Mobile
Management And Clerical
Management Consultant
Manager Clerk Teller
Manicurist Not Working At Home
Manufacture Distribution Of Water Tanks
Manufacture And Distribution Of Cleaning And Disinfectant Products Non Toxic Or Hazardous Chemicals
Manufacturer Supply Occupational Therapy Products
Manufacturer And Installation Of Pvc Strip Curtains
Manufacturer Of Concrete Furniture Excluding Installation
Manufacturer Of Electrical Goods
Manufacturer Of Essential Oils Cooking Oils
Manufacturer Of Hula Hoops
Manufacturer Of Hunting Whistles
Manufacturer Of Metal Furniture Excluding Installation
Manufacturer Of Signs
Manufacturer Of Soaps
Manufacturer Of Textiles No Importing
Manufacturer Of Timber Furniture Excluding Installation
Manufacturer Of Wooden Models
Manufacturer Or Installer
Manufacturers Of Corrugated Cardboard And Custom Made Boxes With Max Of 10percent Of Imports
Marina Owner
Marine Engineer Seaman
Marine Surveyor
Market Gardener
Market Researcher
Market Stall Excluding Food
Market Stalls Excluding Products Liability
Marketing Consultant
Marquee Hire Hire Agreement Required
Marriage Celebrant
Marriage Counsellor
Martial Arts And Self Defence Instructor
Martial Arts Instructor
Massage Chairs Owner Operator
Massage Therapist
Masseur Other
Masseur Salon Only
Master Of Ceremonies
Mastic Sealant Contractors
Meat Industry Inspector
Meat Industry Supervisor Up To 10percent Manual Work
Meat Packer
Mechanic Diesel Excluding Driving Risk
Mechanic Diesel Including Driving Risk
Mechanic Motor Excluding Driving Risk
Mechanic Motor Including Driving Risk
Mechanic Hydraulic
Mechanical Engineering Non Auto
Media Presenter
Medical Aid Manufacturing
Medical Equipment Wholesaling
Medical Labware Plastic Importer
Medical Practitioner
Merchant Banker Degree Qualified
Merchant Marine
Metal Dealer Scrap
Metal Fabrication No Use Of Heat Away From Own Premises
Metallurgist Office Duties Only
Meter Reader Gas Or Electricity
Midwifery Services
Milk Bar
Milk Delivery
Milk Vendor
Mineral Exploration Including Water Drilling
Mineral Industry Consultant
Mini Golf Hire Hire Agreement Required
Mining Clerical Or Executive Manager
Mining Explosives Handler Surface And Underground Workers
Mining Surface Or Underground Worker Other No Explosives
Mining Surface Worker Qualified No Explosives
Ministerial Duties
Miscellaneous Sales Retail
Mobile Art Gallery
Mobile Auto Air Conditioning Service
Mobile Coolroom Hire Hire Agreement Required
Mobile Dent Removal
Mobile Dj
Mobile Lazer Tag
Mobile Marine Cleaning Service Internal Only No Offshore
Mobile Mechanic Excluding Driving Risk
Mobile Mechanic Including Driving Risk
Mobile Movie Cinema
Mobile Phone Retailer
Mobile Recording Studio
Mobile Tool Sharpener
Mobile Weight Compliance
Mobility Scooter Hire Hire Agreement Required
Money Grabbing Machine Hire Agreement Required
Mortgage And Finance Broking
Motivational Speaker
Motor Cycle Mechanic
Motor Cycle Salesman
Motor Vehicle Accessories And Spare Parts Sales
Motor Vehicle Assembly Worker
Motor Vehicle Dealer Used Excludes Servicing And Driving Risk Retail Risk Only No Manufacturing Or Imports
Motor Vehicle Detailer
Motor Vehicle Mechanic
Motor Vehicle Salesman
Motor Vehicle Trimmer
Motor Vehicle Wrecker
Motorcycle Training Instructor
Museum Operator
Museum Or Gallery Proprietor
Music Teacher
Music Teacher Instrument Hire Hire Agreement Required
Music Teacher In School University Or College
Musical Instrument Sales Lifting Or Deliveries
Musical Instrument Sales Sales Only
Musicians Booking Agent
Nail Art Machine Hire
Natural Therapist
Nbn Cable Installer
Nbn Installer And Telecommunication Service Contractor
Newspaper Staff Editor Journalist Or Reporter No Unusual Hazards Office Worker
Newspaper Staff Photographer Or Printer
Non Manual Site Supervising
Nonelectrical Toy Importerwholesalerretailer
Nurse Enrolled Nurse Or Nurses Aide
Nurse Intellectual Disability
Nurse Mothercraft
Nurse Registered
Nurse Registered Or Nursing Sister
Nuts And Bolts Importer And Wholesaler
Occupational Health And Safety Inspector
Occupational Therapist
Office Equipment Fitter
Office Equipment Salesman
Office Equipment Serviceman
Office Furniture Installation
Office Supplies Or Stationer
Office Worker
Offices Equipment Repairer
Oil Or Gas Onshore Or Offshore Worker Other
Oil Or Gas Onshore Or Offshore Workers Geologists Engineers Or Lab Technician
Operator Of Coin Operated Machines
Opthalmic Surgeon
Optical Dispenser Or Mechanic
Optician Optometrist
Orchardist Or Fruit Grower
Orthopaedic Surgeon
Osteopath Well Established
Other Education Nec Theoretical Training Only
Outdoor Supplies Retailer Tents Bbq
Oyster Shucker
Paddle Board Hire Hire Agreement Required
Paint Or Wallpaper Store
Paint Stripping
Painter Decorator Domestic
Painter Decorator Small Commercial
Painter And Decorator
Painter And Decorator No Height Limit
Painting Protective Coating
Pallet Timber Manufacturing
Panel Beater
Paper Wholesaler
Park Furniture Installer
Park Ranger
Parking Station Attendant
Parking Warden
Partitioning Contractors
Party Hire Require Hire Agreement Excluding Inflatables
Pastry Cook
Patternmaker Industrial Eg Foundry
Paving And Path And Patio And Drive Contractors
Payroll Guard
Performing Arts Director
Personal Electrical Appliance Testing
Personal Shopper
Personal Trainer
Personnel Consultant
Pest Exterminator
Pet Enclosure Manufacturer Small Pets
Pet Shop Worker
Pet Shopaquarium Shop
Photo Video Editor
Photo Booth Hire Only Require Hire Agreement
Photo Booth Owner Operated
Photographer Aviation
Photographer Mainly Studio
Photographer Other
Photographer Still Video Excludes Drones
Photographic Store Worker
Piano Tuner
Piano Tuner Repairer
Picture Framer
Pilates Instructor
Pile Driver
Pilot Harbour
Pilot Wide Load Escort
Pipe Fitters
Plant Machinery Leasing Andor Hire
Plasterer Gyprocker
Plasterer Including External Work
Plastering Incl External Rendering
Plastic Goods Wholesaling Excluding Imports
Playground Equipment Installers
Playground Installations
Plumber Other
Plumber Repairer
Plumber Roof
Plumbing And Gas Fitting
Plumbing Service Drain Cleaning Or Repair Gas Plumbing
Ponycycles Hire Owner Operated
Pool Installation
Portable Fencing Hire
Portaloo Hire Hire Agreement Required
Possum Catch And Release
Post And Prenatal Classes
Post Office Agencymail Contractor
Post Office Counter Clerk Or Manager
Post Office Postman Or Sorter
Poultry Farmer
Printed Chocolate
Printing Service Broker
Printing Services
Prison Warder
Private Investigator
Process Worker Clothing Industry Hazardous Industries Eg Munitions Acids
Produce Merchant
Professional Sportsman
Professor University
Project Supervisor Site Manager
Property Developer
Property Maintenance
Property Maintenance And Repair
Property Management
Property Owner Only
Property Owners Vacant Land Only Up To 10 Hectares
Property Owners Of Retail And Commercial Property
Property Stylist
Protective Coatings
Psychic Clairvoyant
Psychologist Includes Use Of Horses
Pulp And Paper Mill Employees In Mill Or Yard Only
Pumping And Irrigation Equipment Sales Service And Installation
Qa Assessor
Qualified Skilled Worker
Quantity Surveyor
Quarry Operation
Quarry Worker No Explosives
Racing Simulator Hire
Radio And Television Announcer
Radio Controlled Cartruck Club
Rail Work
Railway Contractors Green Zone Only
Railway Worker Or Guard Signalman Station Assistant Or Station Master
Railway Worker Labourer
Railway Worker Railway Police Shunter Track Laying Or Maintenance
Real Estate
Real Estate Agent
Record Shop Worker
Recordingdistributors Of Hypnosis Selfhelp And Relaxation Cds And Mp3s
Recreational Turf Installation
Recruitment Agent
Refrigeration Refrigerated Equipment Installers And Contractors
Refrigeration Engineers
Refrigeration Mechanic
Refueller Security Unskilled Worker
Registered Training Organisation Classroom Only The Students May On Work Experience For A Couple Of Weeks As Part Of Their Course
Rehabilitation Consultant Medically Qualified
Removal Contractors Domestic And Office And Shop
Removal Contractors Industrial Machinery
Renal Physician
Rendering External
Repairman Office Equipment Or Household Appliances
Reporter No Unusual Hazards
Residential Care Services
Restaurant Employees Chef
Restaurant Employees Cook Or Waiter
Restaurant Owner Administration Only No Cooking Or Waiting
Restaurant Owner Other
Restaurants Up To 50 Covers Over 50 Covers To Be Referred
Retailer Of Industrial Tools
Rideshare Driver
Rideshare Booking Service
Risk Management Consultant
Road Construction
Road Surfacing And Marking Excl Traffic Man And Coning
Roller Shutter And Door Installation Excl Barriers
Roof Worker Tiler Fixer Or Repairer
Roofing And Cladding Excl Use Of Heat
Roofing And Cladding Up To Ten Percent Use Of Heat
Roofing Contractor Colour Bond Sheeting Excludes Heat Works
Roofing Contractors
Rubbish Collector
Sail Manufacturing Not Including Sails For Ocean Vessels
Sales Representative Deliveries
Sandblasting Water Blasting Soda Blasting
Santa Claus
Sawmill Worker Permanently Located Mill Only
Scaffold Erector
Scaffolding Contractors
School Principal Headmaster Head Teacher
Scientific Research Services
Scrap Dealer Metal
Seaman Navy
Second Hand Dealer
Second Hand Furniture Retailer Excluding Electrical Goods
Security Guard
Security Staff
Seed Picking
Self Storage Units
Senior Management Clerical Cashier
Service Station Cashier Or Console Operator Mechanic Or Proprietor
Serviced Office Provider White Collar
Shed Carport Sales And Erector
Sheet Metal Worker
Shelving And Racking
Shipping And Freight Forwarding
Shoe Repair Polisher
Shoe Shop Retail Sales Or Not Repair
Shoemaker Or Repairer
Shop Fitter Building Maintenance
Shop Fitters
Adult Books And Merchandise
Antique Dealer Delivery
Antique Dealer Restoration
Antique Dealer Sales And Office
Aquarium Shop
Artist Supplies
Baby Shop
Bedding Store
Bicycle Store
Boating Equipment Supply Or Chandler
Brassware Shop
Bread Or Cake Shop
Butcher No Slaughtering
Butcher Slaughtering
Cane Shop
Card Shop
Carpet Layer
Carpet Floor Coverings Store Sales Only
Chemist Shop Pharmacist
Chemist Shop Shop Assistant
China And Glassware Shop
Clothing Store
Coffee Lounge
Computer Shop
Confectionery Shop
Department Store Cleaner
Department Store Clerical Sales Only
Department Store Deliveries Storeman
Department Store Senior Management
Disposal Store
Duty Free Shop
Electrical Goods Retailer Deliveries
Electrical Goods Retailer Light Manual
Electrical Goods Retailer Sales Only
Electronic Supply Store Sales
Fast Food Or Take Away
Fish And Chip Shop
Florist Delivery
Furnishings Retailer Cushions Or Fabric Not Furniture
Furniture Retailer New Deliveries
Furniture Retailer New Light Manual
Furniture Retailer New Sales Only
Furniture Retailer Used
Garden Shop
Gift Shop
Hardware Retailer
Health Food Store
Ice Cream Parlour
Jewellery Store
Light Fittings Store
Liquor Store
Milk Bar
Motor Vehicle Accessories And Spare Parts
Musical Instruments Sales Lifting Or Deliveries
Musical Instruments Sales Only
Nursery Or Garden Shop
Office Supplies Or Stationer
Outdoor Supplies Retailer Tents Bbq
Paint Or Wallpaper Store
Pet Shop
Photographic Store
Produce Merchant
Record Shop
Second Hand Goods
Shoe Shop Retail Sales Not Repair
Shoemaker Or Repairer
Sporting Goods Store
Supermarket Administration Only
Supermarket Cashier
Supermarket Other
Swimming Pool Supplies
Take Away Food
Toy Shop
Video Shop Proprietor
Shopping Trolley Collection Service Including Damage To Vehicles
Shopping Trolley Repairer And Maintenance
Shot Blasting
Shuttering And Formwork Contractors
Sign Erector
Sign Makers And Erectors
Sign Writer
Skiing Professional
Skip Bin Waste Collection
Skylight Fitter
Sleep Therapist
Snake Catcher
Social Committee
Social Worker
Software Designer
Soil Testing
Solar Panel Cleaner
Solar Panel Installation Incl Maintenance And Repair
Solar Panel Installer
Solar Systems Wholesaler Retailer
Specialised Electronic Equipment Hire Hire Agreement Required
Specialist Cleaners Of Rugs
Speech Therapist
Speech Therapist Pathologist
Spice Manufacturing
Sporting Goods Retailer
Sporting Goods Store
Sports Agent
Sports Coach
Sports Journalist
Sports Person Professional
Spray On Paving
Spray Painter
Spray Painting No Height Limit
Sprinkler Installers Ex Use Of Heat
Sprinkler Installers Inc Use Of Heat
Squash Court Proprietor
Stair Lift Installation Incl Maintenance And Repair
Staircases And Balustrades Installer
Stand Up Paddle Board Importer And Retailer
Steam Cleaning And Pressure Washing
Steel Erector Or Fixer
Steel Erectors
Steel Erectors Excl Use Of Heat
Steel Fabricators
Steel Reinforcing And Rod Installers And Concrete Pourers
Steward Airline
Stock And Station Agent No Manual Duties
Stockbroker Degree Qualified
Stone Mason
Stone Masons
Street Cleaning
Street Furniture Installers Ex Traffic Man And Coning Etc
Stylist Fashionwardrobe
Suburban Home Only
Sugar Cane Farmer Owner Established 2 Years
Supermarket Manager Manual Duties
Supermarket Administration Only
Supermarket Cashier
Supermarket Other
Supply Delivery Service
Surfboard Shaper
Surveyor Field Or Office Only Quantity
Surveyor Marine Or Mines
Suspended Ceiling Contractors
Swimming Instructor
Swimming Pool Cleaner Contractor Maintenance
Swimming Pool Accessory Wholesaling Excluding Inflatables
Swimming Pool Builder
Swimming Pool Installers Including Landscaping Fencing Lighting And Tree Lopping Of Branches To 5 Metres
Swimming Pool Supplies Worker
Swimming Teacher
Tab Agent
Take Away Food Shop Worker
Talent Agent
Tax Agent
Tax Consultant Tertiary Qualified
Taxi Driver
Taxi Other
Taxi Owner Established 2 Years
Teacher Excluding Food
Teacher School University Or College
Teachers Aide
Team Building Activities
Telecommunications Installationservices
Telephone Technician
Television Tv Broadcasting Services Television Station Operation
Tennis Coach Not Professional Player
Test And Tag Commercial
Theatre Or Cinema Confectionery Seller Manager Ticket Seller Usher Or Projectionist
Theatre Production
Tiler Excluding Roofing
Tiler Floors And Walls
Tiler Roof
Tilers Excl Roofing
Timber Decking Contractor
Timber Merchant
Timber Treatment
Tour Guide
Tour Operator Sightseeing Tours
Tow Truck Driver
Town Planner
Toy Shop Worker
Trade Assistant Labourer
Trade Show Exhibition Stand
Traffic Control Barrier Hire Requires Hire Agreement
Train Or Guard
Training Consultant
Transport Operation Storage And Distribution
Transportable Building Sales Lease Maintenance And Installation
Trapping And Relocation Of Animals Birds Or Pests Excluding Dangerous Animals
Travel Agent Or Consultant
Tree Feller Or Tree Lopper
Tree Lopper Tree Surgeon Landscaping Mowing And General Lawn Maintenance
Tree Loppersfellers
Tree Stump Removal 1m Depth Limit
Tree Surgeon
Treefellers And Tree Surgeons
Tripod Import Distribution
Tugboat Crew Not Deep Sea
Tupperware Salesperson
Tv Technician
Tyre Fitter
Tyre Fitter And Repairs
Tyre Sales Worker
Uber Driver
Unoccupied Buildings
Vegetable And Fruit Carving Workshop
Vehicle Pilot
Vending Machine Leasing
Vending Machine Serviceman
Vending Machine Services
Venue Hire Property Owner Or Private Garden
Vet Domestic
Veterinary Nurse
Veterinary Surgeon
Video And Sound Production
Video Shop Proprietor
Vocational Technical Training
Waiter Waitress Restaurant
Wallpaper Hanger
Warehouse Worker
Watch Repairer
Water Maintenance Services Excluding Treatment Plants
Water Proofer
Water Quality Monitoring Machines Distributor Includes Importer
Waterproofing All Surfaces Commercial And Domestic As Long As Not 100percent Commercial
Web Developer Promotion
Web Directory Service
Wedding Planner Stylist
Welding Contractors
Welfare Officer
Wharf Labourer
Wheel Chair Repair Maintenance Alteration
Wheelie Bin Cleaners
Wholesaler Of Medical Aid
Window And Door Installation Repairer
Window Cleaner
Window Cleaner City Or Industrial
Window Cleaner External
Window Cleaner Internal
Window Cleaner Suburban Home Only
Window Cleaning Excl Use Of Cradles
Window Cleaning Reach And Wash System
Window Dresser
Window Tinter Motor Vehicle Home Or Office
Window Tinting
Windscreen Repairer Mobile
Wine Bars
Wine Maker Other
Wine Maker Qualified No Manual Labour
Wine Maker Unqualified No Manual Labour
Wine Merchant
Wine Merchant Wholesale And Retail
Womens Self Defence Instructor
Wood Carver
Wooden Furniture And Upholstered Seat Manufacturing
Woodworking Machinery Manufacturing
Wool Broker Or Buyer
Wool Classer
Wrecker Or Demolisher No Explosives
Xray Machine Operator Or Technician
Yoga Business
Yoga Instructor
Zoo Worker
House Painter
Steel Erector
Pipe Fitter
Pipe Layer

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